The Expanse

A part detective story, part political drama set in space....
the Expanse

SyFy has started a TV adaptation of the epic The Expanse novel series. It has been described by Todd VanDerWerff of Vox as part outer space series, part detective story and part political drama. The first episode unsurprisingly sets the scene and introduces some main characters, and then ends with a bang.

It is 200 years in the future and people have swarmed out to colonise parts of the solar system. A strategic location is the asteroid belt’s miniature planet Ceres, which is being mined for its water. This goes back to Earth and the other main outpost, Mars, which are currently threatening to go to war with each other. The miners on the space station orbiting Ceres, called the Belters, are low on the pecking order. Those who were raised in space are no longer suited to Earth’s gravity so they are part of a developing Outer Planets Alliance.

A detective on this mining outpost, Josephus Miller played by Thomas Jane, is asked to look in to the case of a business magnate’s missing daughter Julie, played by Florence Faivre. However it is the crew of the spaceship Canterbury who first come close to her when they divert from a trip to Ceres to check out a distress call from a seemingly abandoned ship.

The novels’ universe goes on to expand dramatically with the discovery of an alien gate beyond Uranus which leads to a cluster of such gates surrounding an alien space station. Whoever controls that station, controls much of the galaxy. Definitely epic space opera potential here.

Author James S A Corey is in fact a partnership between Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. The fifth novel in this series – Nemesis Games – has just been released and another 4 are planned by 2019, along with a few novellas.

The first episode is available at:


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