Supergirl premieres in the US

The pilot episode to Supergirl aired this week in the USA on CBS and it’s a mad, fun ride.

In 45 minutes of Supergirl we’re introduced to Supergirls’ ( Melissa Benoists) back story, her relationships and an array of characters including but not limited to – a complicated relationship with her ‘sister’ ( Chyler Leigh), a misogynistic bad guy, an evil aunt, an evil boss, a confidante and side kick (work mate), and a covert government organization The Department of Extra-Normal Operations ( The DEO).

During the day Supergirl aka Kara Danvers works as an assistant for a print and online media empire CatCo. She’s tasked with fetching layouts and coffee for her boss Cat Grant ( Calista Flockhart), who plays a “Miranda Priestly-esq” diva ( Devil Wears Prada), with a cutting, asinine sense of humour that undermines Kara.

Kara is a slightly dizzy, nice girl underpinned by a lifelong desire to help people. A drive that she can no longer deny as she tells her sister she “…didn’t travel 2000 light years to be an assistant…” After years of suppressing her true identity, Kara accepts her powers and joins the fight against evil to save humanity.

Kara’s flying skills are a little rusty and it takes her awhile to reconnect with her super hero abilities and to find the right Supergirl outfit. She battles through some inner demons ( quite quickly ), to embrace her new role with a slightly naive enthusiasm but demonstrates her superhero skills sufficiently to win over the doubtful ( again, all quite quickly).

The pilot of Supergirl is a fun but a jam-packed, messy rush to fill in as much detail as possible so it can get to the real business – Supergirl saving the day.

Supergirl premieres in Australia on December 6th on Foxtel and in the UK on October 29 on Sky1.


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