Rick and Morty: Vindicators 3

The Rise of Noob-Noob
Rick and Morty Season 3

With Rick and Morty back for a third season of adventures, it’s expected that we will meet new friends and new foes. The fourth episode, Vindicators 3, does exactly that. Straight off the bat we are introduced to the half-cooked Guardians of the Galaxy, heroes that the duo have apparently worked with before offscreen.

This peanut gallery of defenders consists of five unlikely matches; Alan Rails, Million Ants, Supernova, Crocubot, Noob-Noob and lastly, Vance Maximus.

  • Alan Rails, aka Ghost Train, watched his parents succumb to a tragic railroad accident thus giving him his power, the ability to cast ghost
  • Millions Ants, aka Snuffles, is a colony of red ants manifested into a human form by way of Supernova and her abilities.
  • Supernova is a super human deity, capable of creating and destroying worlds. She is also the ex-wife of Vindicator Alan Rails; it is later revealed
    she has been seeing Million Ants post divorce however.
  • Crocubot is the mysterious member of the group, not much is mentioned about his background. Half cyborg and half Crocodile, Rick points out that
    he is ‘half cold, unfeeling reptile and half unfeeling robot’ in a display of arrogance.
  • Noob-Noob is the janitor of the ship and wildly unappreciated by the rest of the heroes. A small masked man, Noob-Noob is later revealed to be the
    only member that Rick values.
  • Vance Maximus, aka Renegade Starsoldier, is the leader of the group and the centre of Mortys attention. Due to this Rick becomes jealous and
    spirals into a drunken tirade, causing the demise of the Vindicators.
  • Rick and Morty are summoned back to help with another mission, a mission as

Rick moans that would only take him five minutes. As the episodes subtitle allures, Worldender has returned and is wiping out entire species around the galaxy. It is revealed, to Mortys dismay, that the pair weren’t invited to the second outing of the Vindicators and this is in fact, the third assembly of the group. As the episode continues it becomes obvious that Rick is the reason for the exclusion, but his absence impacted heavily with the group losing three members on their last venture. The night before the arranged battle; in true fashion, Rick goes overboard with the alcohol consumption and is found the following morning covered in diarrhea. This is only the beginning of their problems with Rick however.

Upon arriving to Worldenders planet lair, there’s an uneasy silence and lack of threat in the air. The group soon discovers the carcass of Worldender suspended from the ceiling, with his minions also slayed and posed in sexual positions. During his blackout drunkenness, Rick killed the ever-so-mighty destroyer and laid bare a series of Saw-esque traps to test the heroes; that or kill them. It is now we realise as an audience the reoccurring theme to the season; Rick is the real villain at play. Not only to himself but to everyone regardless of his love for them or lack of.

Rick and Morty Rick Sanchez Molded Mug

Vance is the first to crack under the pressure and tries to abandon the group, killing himself in the process; I’m sure, to Ricks delight. Having witnessed his grandfather’s maniacal behaviours all too often, Morty is able to find the traps solutions fairly quickly. Tensions rise though as the heroes begin to work against each other, ending in the death of those minus Supernova. Morty must take a trip on a handcrafted theme park ride to complete the last stage. Inside we get a glimpse at the stages of drunk Rick and the one person that he truly cares about; Noob-Noob. Morty leaves the ride furious and seemingly has no reason to care about the fate of his grandfather.

Rick and Morty Rick 5-Inch Action FigureAn altercation between Supernova, Rick and Morty leaves the duo at their demise, seconds away from the end. It’s at this time that the course is complete and reveals Rick has planned a galactic party in celebration of Noob-Noob, pretty good for blackout drunk. Special guest rapper performs on stage about how unvalued and unappreciated the remaining Vindicator is, all to Rick’s planning. Supernova vows revenge and makes sure she won’t be forgotten, ominous foreshadowing of what is to come perhaps. The credits roll and we get a treat in the form of Gear Heads return. The scene shows Gear Head being a complete sleaze and trying to woo young females of his species with Mortys discarded Vindicators jacket that he found at the galactic party.

Overall, this is one of the season’s strongest episodes and did so well with an unpredictable but bleak story. Each week we are seeing the show descend further and further into a harsh reality with little hope of Rick redeeming his below average behaviour. He continues to be self-destructive and that of a martyr, I am interested to see how far he will go to avoid dealing with his obvious emotional wounds. Vindicators 3 introduced some fun background characters and set up for a new fan favourite, long live Noob-Noob.

Favourite new character: Noob-Noob
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