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Nerdvana TV provides transparent management of personal information. Email addresses provided by a web visitor are collected for the distribution of services relating to use and delivery of services and content of the website such as newsletters. Individuals have the option of transacting anonymously or using a pen name on the website where practical such as on comment sections of the website or for newsletter services.  Individuals can access and correct their personal information via their subscription service/membership or by contacting nerdvana tv. Third party cookies on the site are used for collection of statistics on site usage such as via google analytics and AWstats and are used to improve the quality of services and content. Third party advertising running on the website such as Google Adsense may collect tracking information.  As an affiliate, purchases of merchandise made via the website are handled externally to the site via affiliate partnerships and Nerdvana TV does not collect or store your purchase info, payment details, address details or orders on its servers. An IP address may be retained for risk management and security and to monitor unauthorized access attempts to password protected areas. For questions or further information please email protocoldroid @ nerdvana.tv

Terms & Conditions and Editorial Guidelines

For voluntary contributors/writers/authors/bloggers wishing to contribute articles to Nerdvana Tv you can build your writing portfolio and get your content promoted on a website that has a solid growth rate and expanding social media presence. Please take note of the following terms and conditions for volunteer contributions. For freelance writers and commissioned articles please contact  protocoldroid @ nerdvana.tv for further information .Articles should ideally be a minimum of 400 words. Articles should be search engine optimized with title and keywords provided with the article. We can assist with this. Your story must be news, commentary, analysis, review or opinion and be suitable to one of the websites categories. An article is published in only one category. You may keep an Anonymous screen name to protect your contributor’s identity if preferred. By contributing content to any NerdvanaTV, you grant Nerdvana TV a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use your content in any way that the website owner determines, and in any media worldwide. This may include the use of your photos or video on Nerdvana Website or social media platforms and other websites, transmission of the material by overseas partners and syndication to  content partners or providers. Nerdvana TV encourages writers to promote their work. If you write extensively for other blogs please let us know or notify Nerdvana TV of the intention to do so as we prefer articles to be exclusive to Nerdvana TV for the purpose of search engine optimization and sites quality. Contribution/s to Nerdvana TV is voluntary unless agreed otherwise via freelance agreement or other arrangement. Contributors warrant to the website owner that voluntary submissions do not imply that the contributor is an employee of the website. Voluntary contributions to Nerdvana TV are not deemed to constitute a partnership or a contract of employment. Voluntary contributors do not receive any compensation for participation in the website or for any services rendered nor is future compensation or remuneration implied. The contributor holds harmless the website owner for any liability arising from the contributors work. Contributors shall hold harmless the website owner and keep it fully indemnified against all proceedings, costs, claims, awards, damages, expenses (including without limitation legal expenses) and liabilities arising directly or indirectly from the volunteers undertakings, obligations or warranties. Contributors are responsible for all necessary personal injury, death, equipment and liability insurances, and are responsible for any damage caused by their actions and by their personal property used during the creating of content/articles for contribution of content or services. Contributors confirm that they have permission of anyone appearing or performing in provided content and that contributors are not infringing any person’s rights by submitting the content or services to Nerdvana TV. Contributors also confirm they have, where appropriate, sought the consent of the parent or guardian of any person under the age of 18 who is featured in content. It is understood that the website owners are under no obligation to broadcast, distribute or publish contributors work and that contributors are not guaranteed continuing participation Articles/content are subject to editing at the discretion of the website owner and/or assigned editor. Contributors agree to keep confidential all written, creative, technical and financial detail of the website and its productions. Contributors are responsible for content they contribute to any Nerdvana Tv online content, including text, photos, videos, audio and links. Contributors should ensure to keep copies of their own content as Nerdvana TV may not archive, store or back-up your content nor continue to make content accessible online. Nerdvana TV will endeavor to provide contributors with appropriate credit when using supplied content on its platforms, though contributors must understand and agree this may not always be possible.