• night city assault

    Night City Assault

    After two years of development on Australia’s Queensland’s Gold Coast, Xtra Mile Games’ Night City Assault 2D game is ready to be finished. It is described as an old school beat-em-up with fluid combat and RPG style level up and experience points system. Their modest Kickstarter campaign features a...
  • How And Why We Fell Deeply in Love With ‘Child of Light’

    Child of Light is a platforming role-playing video game developed and published by Ubisoft. In the game you play as Aurora, a child stolen from her home, who, in her quest to return, must bring back the sun, the moon and the stars held captive by the mysterious Queen...
  • Nintendo's game creator Shigeru Miyamoto poses with his character in Tokyo. Picture: Toshifumi Kitamua/AFP Source: AFP

    Happy Birthday Mario!

    Super Mario’s 30th Birthday celebrated by Nintendo. Super Mario first hit screens on September 13, 1985 and since then more than 300 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide. Festivities were held in Tokyo on Sunday celebrating Mario’s 30th.  Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and video game...