Vitamin B3 Blockbuster Discovery

Researchers find B3 can help prevent miscarriages and multiple defects potentially saving millions of new lives each year......
Vitamin B3 preventative for birth defects

Researchers in Sydney Australia from the Victor Chang Institute discover vitamin B3 otherwise known as Niacin, could significantly reduce birth defects and miscarriages.

The study found that multiple miscarriages and defects such as spinal, kidney and heart abnormalities could be mitigated by boosting vitamin B3 levels.

The finding is considered a blockbuster breakthrough by Professor Dunwoodie and her team with the ability to save millions of new lives each year. The discovery came after 12 years of work by the researchers. Dunwoodie told the Australian “I am feeling emotional and so proud of everyone here at the Victor Chang Institute, and all our collaborators in Australia.”

B3 is found in a variety of foods such as peanuts, tuna and meats especially turkey and chicken breast. Its also found in one of the quintessential Aussie food staples Vegemite.

B3 is a water soluble vitamin that assists with energy metabolism. In adults Niacin can assist with maintaining healthy skin, preventing cardiovascular disease and relief from arthritic pain. Its also been reported to help prevent melanoma in those most at risk. Deficiencies in Niacin can lead to the disease pellagra which was common in the 1700s and still effects impoverished populations.

Its  generally regarded as relatively safe vitamin with limited side effects however consulting with your doctor is recommended.

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