The Final Force Awakens Official Trailer

Stop everything that you're doing the final Force Awakens trailer is here......

OMG! OMG! Stop everything that you’re doing the final Force Awakens trailer is here!

Is it telling us anything new? There’s no doubt now that Kylo Ren is following on in the foot steps of Darth Vader, with his pledge to “…finish what you (Vader) started…” For followers of all The Force Awakens internet speculation, the identity of Kylo Ren and his mission were hotly debated. That Darth Vader serves as a martyr to the First Order was one such rumour that perhaps may turn out to have been the right theory.

Speculation continues about whether its Leia’s voice suggesting to Rey that the force is calling Rey. Earlier rumors also speculated that Finn is a defector from the Imperial/First Order. Turns out this might be true as well? From the trailer its open as to whether  he is running back to the “rebels” or away from the First Order. Technically the rebels are no more, as in episode 6, the Rebels won, destroying the Death Star (for the second time) in the Battle of Endor and with both Darth Vader and The Emperor being killed. The rebels are now referred to as the “resistance” in Episode 7.

Han, Leia and Chewie make appearances in the trailer but there’s a pretty obvious lack of Luke. J.J Abrams has confirmed its “no accident” that Luke isn’t seen outright in the trailer. Is it possible that all characters good and bad will be looking for Luke in Episode 7? I’m guessing he makes a brief appearance somewhere toward the end of the film to help save the day.

The battle scenes and the trailer overall look AMAZING! Check out some of these reactions from around the web to The Force Awakens trailer:



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