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Here we go again bro...
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Another franchise resurrection is on the way, this time its a sequel to the 1987 sci-fi film, “Predator.”

A screenplay is in the works by Shane Black and Fred Dekker respectivly best known for their work on Lethal Weapon and the television series Tales from the Crypt.


Predators 2010 was nominated for numerous best science fiction of the year awards.

The last movie from the Predator franchise was Predators (2010).  The film followed a group of hard nuts, mercenaries, murderers and gangsters, transported from Earth to a jungle world and hunted for sport in an action/thriller cat and mouse chase.

The film received several nominations including a Golden Schmoes nomination for Best Scifi of the Year, an IGN Summer Movie Awards nomination for Best Sci-Fi Movie, and a Scream Awards nomination for Best Science Fiction Movie.

Watch the Predators 2010 trailer


The predator creature also starred in two Alien vs. Predators films (2004 and 2007), a Predator 2 film (1990),  Predators, a TV Mini-Series (2000), a TV movie Predator X (2009), and a short film, Predator Dark Ages (2015).

Writer/Director Shane Black has confirmed the film is an “inventive sequel rather than a reboot. The official Predator Facebook page posted the You’ll never see him coming picture below, with the slightly annoying fratboy like comment Here we go again, bro, which is actually a nod to the first Predator film.

The next in the series will be known as The Predator and will be released March 2, 2018.




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