Batman Vs. Superman

Theme of power and corruption
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Something has gone very wrong in the world of the inherently decent, mild mannered Superman, the ultimate of good guys who stands for “…truth, justice and the American way….”

The new trailer for Batman Vs Superman reveals two superheros, the light and the dark, pitted against each other, one of which has fallen. But which one is it?

The trailer opens with a senate committee hearing lead by Holly Hunter as Senator Finch. We are told “Its a day for truth…the world needs to know what happened and what he stands for…

An explosion in the city and a building collapsing, looks to be the catalyst for the events and someone needs to take the blame. Power and corruption is the theme for the film as we undertake the journey of discovery of which of the superheros has gone bad. The appearance of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, a mad scientist and tyrant bent on dominating the world, suggests that perhaps both the superheros are victims of underhanded tactics and manipulation by Lex, to pit the two against each other.

The trailer suggests we’ll go through an all out war to get to the bottom of this. Wonder Woman appears briefly. If she still has her truth lasso, it may come in handy to solve the mystery.

Batman Vs Superman United?

The final logo reveal. Must the two unite to overthrow evil?


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters on March 25, 2016 and stars Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman and Gil Gadot as Wonder Woman.


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