6 Things we actually liked about Batman v Superman

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batman v superman

1. Wonder Woman

Putting aside the revealing costume and confusing early appearances, seeing Wonder Woman leap in front of Doomsday’s heat-ray to save the day was pure awesome. Her bravery and ferocity is completely badass, and to be honest she’s much more formidable at tangoing with Doomsday than both Batman and Superman combined. She just jumps forward, bats away an attack with her bracers like she’s swatting a fly and then proceeds to deliver a flurry of blows with her magical sword. Not only does she manage to slice through one of Doomsday’s limbs like she’s cutting cake, but she’s also able to hold the giant beast in place with her lasso with Superman does his work. Perks of being a demigod, right?

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

2. Batman battling Superman

Despite what little the film presents, the eventual fight between Batman and Superman is exhilarating to watch. There’s the sour taste of vengeance in Batman’s mouth, and boy does it come across visually as each punch and kick in the fight is delivered with brutal power. Even better, we finally got to see a Batman who uses his high-tech toys and intelligence to outwit his opponent, making for a rather tense fight where superman doesn’t always hold the upper hand. It’s a well-choreographed battle and has you feel a genuine sense of pain as each hero takes turns throwing each other through walls and off multi-story high ledges. Even with all the superpowers in the world, that last one’s gotta hurt.

3. Ben Affleck’s Batman

His aged, brutal and fits the darkened tone of the film like Ryan Reynolds fits Deadpool. As a complete juxtaposition to Superman who mostly stands around passively while the film’s plot unfolds, Batman is the driving force that catapults the key events forward. Whether his hacking his way into LexCorp or snatching away Kryptonite, Batman’s the guy who pummels away baddies in fashion. Looking slick in the new costume, Affleck’s Batman is not afraid to slaughter his foes with bullets or batarang, because frankly after 20 years in Gotham his over playing nice. It’s a refreshing take on the character that shapes one of the best portrayals of Batman to date, and even that’s without mentioning how well Affleck embraces the rich businessman persona of Bruce Wayne. Whether it’s the Batmobile, Bat cave, Batarang or Batman the film covers it Bat-tasticly.

4. Scrutiny of Superman

What if Superman’s actions…aren’t so super after all? Is your mind blown? Probably not. It was, after all, quite obvious from the trailer that the repercussions of Superman’s heroic acts were going to be examined under a microscope in the film. While you’d think that sitting through all the political discussions and TV chatter about the topic would be as riveting as watching an ‘A Current Affair’ segment, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The film actually does a pretty good job of covering the subject and makes you genuinely question your own feelings on the matter.

5. The Soundtrack

The Batman vs Superman soundtrack is relentless, pumping out everything from gentle orchestral pieces to fiery electric guitar riffs. The diversity and quality of each track elevates the experience and makes you feel exactly what the film wants you too. Someone’s died? Here comes the somber piano. Chasing a bad guy? Then rock out to this. Aside from Wonder Woman, easily the tastiest ingredient of the showdown against Doomsday is the music. It’s spine chilling, powerful and sounds like something you’d find in an epic final-boss battle in a videogame. It’s no surprise either knowing it comes from composer Hans Zimmer, the same guy who’s worked on everything from the Pirates of the Caribbean theme to the Dark Knight. Now that’s what I call range.

6. The Destruction of Metropolis

Watching Bruce Wayne scattering the crumbling streets of Metropolis while Superman and General Zod fight overhead was certainly one captivating way to kick off the film. Seeing the destruction of the city from ground level is a shocking experience, as there’s a genuine sense of disaster present while you watch a building with people in it collapse into rubble. We also get an intriguing glimpse of an out-of-costume Batman in action, as watching him struggle to save his own employees helps you sympathize with Batman’s heated feelings towards Superman later in the film. It’s vicious, it’s heart pounding and it sets up the nuts and bolts of the film perfectly.


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