Star Wars Battlefront Rundown

The good & the bad...

The Star Wars Batttlefront game is entirely multiplayer. In the base version there are 13 maps that take place on the Star Wars worlds of  Hoth, Tatooine and the forest moon of Endor – and the volcanic world of Sullust. There are plans to deliver additional maps via add-ons and its a given that maps from the Force Awakens will make their way into the game.

The combat in Battlefront multiplayer is insane. Its frantic and fast.  The maps in the larger battle modes supremacy and walker assault are huge with phenomenal graphics. Spawing has proven to be an issue though with spawning into kill zones where death comes too quickly not allowing much time for play while another player racks up high kill counts.

The fighter squadron has incredible graphics and great mobility of the aircraft, as long as you catch the hint to use the d-pad at the start of the match to perform some missile avoiding manoeuvres.

Everything in the game is basically preset, starting out with possible customization for load-out and characters as you rank up. The play styles range from single player  or co-op missions (although minimal),  to a wide variety of matched online game-play. The lack of weapon customization has been a focus of criticism of the game.

The two most unique game modes are hero hunt and heroes versus villains. The  hero changes pretty quickly and the rounds are short. The heroes versus villains is awesome because if you play long enough you get to play as a character with a lightsaber, Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.

Overall the graphics and sounds are amazing but really once you get over the wow factor of “its Star Wars”, its just another average FPS. There’s extreme repetition through the matches, refining then recycling the same tactics. While its fun and visually amazing, there isn’t really enough to provide any sense of ­progression over extended play, with many gamers complaining about a lack of depth.


Whats good about it?

  1. The Sound: Star Wars Battlefront displays all of the sounds that anybody could want in a Star Wars game.
  2. Opening  cut-scenes:  The cut-scenes leading into the tutorial is beautiful with very clear graphics, unfortunately this is the only cut-scenes gamers are graced with through the game.
  3. Still frames: The still frames for the loading screens are very crisp and true to the 21st century graphics expected of Star Wars.
  4. Online action is buttery smooth with no latency issues.

Whats not so good about it?

  1. The game does lack a game play mode for lightsaber battles which is a terrible travesty.
  2. The game has no campaign mode not even a short one for grins and giggles, which would add an incredible amount to the game itself.
  3. The character unlocks feel dull and limited to a selection of presets
  4. The game itself lacks depth, so the game gets boring after a while and feels like just a DLC package.

The free Battle of Jakku expansion is a lot of fun. It offers a distinct new environment and insight into the Force Awakens landscape. It also helped to make Battlefront feel less sparse, if only temporarily.

Whats ahead?

The Star Wars Battlefront season pass is available and includes:

  • 4 expansion packs
  • 20 new items that include weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards
  • 4 new heroes and villains
  • 16 maps in new locations
  • 4 additional game modes
  • “Shoot first” emote
  • Two week early access to all expansion packs

Stay tuned. We suspect these are only the first steps into a larger world.


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