Night City Assault

Set in the 1980's, play as detective Roy Silver or officer Cindy Chan
night city assault

After two years of development on Australia’s Queensland’s Gold Coast, Xtra Mile Games’ Night City Assault 2D game is ready to be finished. It is described as an old school beat-em-up with fluid combat and RPG style level up and experience points system. Their modest Kickstarter campaign features a playable demo showcasing a small portion of the first level.

You can be detective Roy Silver or officer Cindy Chan; or play both in co-op mode. You find yourself in a bad part of town and need to keep your wits about you to survive while you wait for back up.

Xtra Mile Games was founded by Robert Jacob after two decades in video, graphic design and music. Brain Crandell is involved as gameplay designer and programmer. Lead artist Dalibor Garic comes with plenty of experience in art and design.

Versions currently planned include Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo. Wii U versions to follow. Night City Assault has also climbed up to 30 on Steam Greenlight and is a Kickstarter Staff Pick. You have until the end of December to become involved for a late 2016 reward.

Check it out further here on Kickstarter.



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