How to start Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds

Two intros into the first DLC
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Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds is the first DLC available for the highly acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn. The DLC is playable by seasoned players and new players with some minimal requirements.

Getting Started.

There are two ways to start Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds. While you can start from having played level 5 of the main Horizon Zero Dawn game, its recommended that you’re up to level 30 at least, due to the difficulty of new mechanical beasts..

The first step to get started on Frozen Wilds is to purchase the DLC content and download and install it on your PS4. The game is an Action/RPG from Guerrilla Games and exclusive to the PS4 platform. Once that’s done if you have played the main game, load up your last game save and continue from where you left off.

For  new players before the first Frozen Wilds quest becomes available, there are a couple of requirements that need to be fulfilled. You will need to have completed the main story quest A Seeker at the Gates. Talk to a guy called Ohtur at the Daytower Fort – he’s worried about trouble brewing in Banuk lands. This road in gives an introduction into the Frozen Wilds and a reason for heading that way. Ohtur advises you to ‘explore The Cut’ – the northernmost area of the map that’s unlocked with the DLC.

It’s a really long trek right up and past the Grave Hoard. Just up and to the left of the Grave Hoard entrance, you’ll spot a new climbing route heading up the cliff face. The way is lit by glowing blue crystals. Follow that up to start the Frozen Wilds DLC.

The other way to start the Frozen Wilds DLC is simply to head directly to the Grave Hoard and the blue gleaming crystals without first talking to Ohtur. Open up the map and follow the trail to the northeastern most corner. It’s direct but it misses the introduction to the Frozen Wilds story, which although not vital adds some context.

The Frozen Wilds is a harsh environment with some new formidable mechanical foes. Make sure to stock up on ammo and upgrade your weapons before taking the challenge.

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