Fallout 4 First Look

What makes you special in the apocalypse?
Fallout 4
Fallout 4: First play

Fallout 4, like its predecessors is full of nuclear nuisances and menaces to give you a hard time in the post apocalypse landscape. You’re forced to roam the dangerous and derelict wastelands, scavenging for survival and engaging in some questionable moral decisions and some gruesome shoot outs with humans and mutant creatures.

If your familiar with the Fallout franchise, the game mechanics feel essentially the same however with some improvements and refinements that will take getting use to. The D-Pad provides a quick way to select weapons and to use a stimpack to quickly replenish health and you will need it because the ghouls are nasty and fast. The weapons crafting is improved. And a new culinary craft has been added to cook up up some post apocalypse cuisine over a campfire. With the right ingredients you can create tasty dishes like Iguana Soup or Squirrel stew. The terminal hacks are back. Like before, you can sleep for a few hours here and there on old mattresses to replenish your health.

Vault-Tec helps you with educational material to identify what makes you special in rebuilding the world after the nuclear apocalypse. You can hone your special attributes to a unique blend by adding points  to your Charisma, Luck, Perception, Intelligence, Endurance or Strength. There’s a new and improved look interface to add and customize your SPECIAL stats.

The start of the game see’s you leaving Vault 111 as the sole survivor 200 years after the nuclear war. You’re just a short distance from your home town of Sanctuary. The short routes provides plenty of initial scavenging. There’s lots of Nuka Cola, bottle cap stashes, First Aid and other items in the derelict town as well as some mole rats and unpleasant and large insects to contend with.  It pays to look around. Codsworth is in your old neighborhood to greet you.

From Sanctuary you’ll make your way into the town of Concord (via Red Rocket Gas Station), where you’ll meet your first raiders. You can set up a base at Red Rocket or Sanctuary to store your scavenged materials. You can fast track to access your loot and a workbench for crafting which will save you from getting weighted down with loot. You can build up your home base and set up some defenses if you plan to stay long term.

Radiation is everywhere in this game and it will wear away your health. You can collect or craft RadAway, RadX and meds.

On the weapons side of things and as per the previous games, don’t enter a boss fight without enough fire power otherwise its over pretty quickly. There’s a Cryolater weapon in Vault 111 but you’ll need a bobby pin to unpick the lock and some a master lock picking skill level. Its worth going back to retrieve it.

I’m just a few hours into the game but the first impression of Fallout 4 is its a beautiful and grotesque post apocalypse world. The light, colors and attention to detail are awesome, making it an immersive world from the start. The ghouls and raiders are tough. A canine companion or Codsworth tagging along lessens the bleakness of the game.  If you play with OCD tendencies and like to leave no stone un-turned, you’ll be living in the oppressive, intense and unforgiving post apocalypse for awhile.





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