Everybody is Secretly Hoping No Man’s Sky is Awesome

No Man’s Sky is an upcoming adventure science fiction survival video game. As the player, you start out with a fragile ship and space suit and  fight your way through...

No Man’s Sky is an upcoming adventure science fiction survival video game. As the player, you start out with a fragile ship and space suit and  fight your way through dog-fights in space to first-person combat on a planet’s surface, facing overwhelming challenges and foes.

No Man’s Sky is a first-person shooter.  It is set in an infinite procedural generated galaxy. This means the environment is created dynamically. A generation system creates a variety of planet ecosystems and  “behavioral cycles” for worlds and their inhabitant creatures. In other words instead of  artists and animators drawing every single game asset such as the animals, plants or spaceships, they are created by algorithms.

This “generated galaxy” is vast, made up of 18 quintillion planets and the players goal is to reach the center of the galaxy.  The amount of life on planets will be based on its distance from a local sun. Planets far outside the habitable zone, will be barren of life. Also not all stars will have habitable planets, however these planets may still offer potential opportunities for hunting and gathering for resources. The developers, Hello games, aimed for a “90/10” rule: meaning about 90% of the planets in the galaxy will be uninhabitable.  10% will support life.  90% of  lifeforms will be benign, making the planets that thrive with vivid life forms in the enormous galaxy as very rare.

In a galaxy this vast, its hard to imagine running into that many other players in this open-world game, making No Man’s Sky a potentially lonely place to be. Players can spend their time scanning planets and exploring them, cataloging the planets and resources they hold, finding new ships and discovering new alien species. Uploading that information to a central database called The Atlas, makes the information available to everyone else in the game. So if they too happen across that same planet, they’ll know who discovered it and what they can find. Players can choose to share or keep information to themselves, so you’ll need to weigh up the pro’s and cons for each discovery made.

Every corner of the solar system, the planets and their lands and oceans will be filled with some form of potential danger. Environments will feature natural catastrophes such as storms and alien weather and other alien hazards such as toxic hazards, and atmospheres made from different compositions to ours.  Dangerous space events may include supernovas and black holes.

Creatures in the game may also appear as factions in the game. They will also be “procedurally” generated  but they will each have their own personality and characteristics. Factions can become friends with you if you help them out. You can friend them by defending them against an attack from a warring faction or a pirate attack. And in turn, factions may come to your aid.

No Man’s Sky is slated for official release in June 2016 for PC and PS4.

Watch Hello Games’ Sean Murray gives Shuhei Yoshida a taste of No Man’s Sky


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