Rescue yourself in 2016 in Damsel an upcoming arcade platformer...
damsel 2016

Damsel is an upcoming arcade platformer game from indie developer Screwtape Studios.  You play as Damsel in a quest to save humanity from the forces of evil  and eliminate the vampire hordes.

Damsel is Screwtape Studios first move into PC/Console game development. They have previously developed games for mobile;  Zen Snake and Bank Job for Android and iPhone.

In an interview with Nerdvana.Tv, Creative Director Anthony Wood said through their mobile games development, the studio was able to “sharpen its commercial chops” and to “develop and improve their workflow” and  their communication and feedback with players.

On the games main character Anthony highlighted how Damsel stands apart from other games in the same genre;

…Damsel challenges and separates the damsel in distress trope… She is an empowered character and she’s not so much mystical, as she is practical and more grounded and down to earth…”

Anthony hopes to stay in the Damsel universe for awhile with a sequel and add-ons planned for the future.

Screwtape Studios are currently on the home stretch for the release of Damsel in 2016 and they are busy preparing a Damsel demo for PAX East Boston April 2016. Find out more about Damsel at Screwtape Studios.


Damsel on display at GX Australia. Image source: http://www.screwtape.net/damsel-dev-blog/


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