Star Wars Battlefront II Inferno Squad

Iden Veriso is the spearhead of imperial revenge.
battlefront2 inferno squad

In the aftermath of the Death star’s destruction the empire was thrown into chaos. Governor Tarkin was killed, probably alongside much of the imperial high command. Darth Vader was hurtled off into space in his tie fighter. Not to mention the empires utter humiliation as its big expensive super powerful & fully operational battle-station was taken out by a single x-wing. Christie Golden in her novel Star Wars Battlefront II Inferno Squad, covers the aftermath from the Empires perspective and its plan to enact terrible revenge against the rebellion.

Iden Veriso is the protagonist of the story and is the central character in Star Wars Battlefront II video game campaigns. For players the official Star Wars site has described the book as the perfect prequel to the game and it will provide useful context and background information in the lead up to the playing the games main solo mission.

Star Wars Battlefront II Inferno Squad hits the ground running commencing with the battle between x-wings and tie-fighters in and above the Death Star trenches. Tie Fighter pilot Lieutenant Iden Veriso, literally the imperial poster child for the Empire, is one of the few to witness and survive first hand the destruction of the battle station. The Empire is hurt, humiliated and enraged. It enacts its plans for revenge with the Inferno Squad, a team of elite imperial troops headed by Iden Versio. But Iden is challenged to the extremes by her Commander aka her father. Star Wars is full of troublesome parent/child relations.


With the story setup done quickly, the book settles into the much loved Star Wars extended universe and canon albeit with everything moving at a really rapid pace. The Inferno Squad is the tight, sharp spearhead of imperial revenge. The elite team moves quickly through missions, tasked first with mopping up the bad eggs in the imperial hierarchy, sealing any leaks and then eliminating a new rebellious partisans group called the Dreamers. The Dreamers are inspired by the former Saw Gerrera who was killed on Jedha in Rogue One and has become a martyr.

Saw Guerrera dreamers martyr

Saw Gerrera martyr to the Dreamers

Christie Golden writes with minimal description but still creates vivid imagery. Perhaps that’s in part due to most readers already being so familiar and conversant with the Star Wars universe. It’s  a light read and does not require much effort to imagine the characters and scenes despite the minimal description and cracking pace. You’ll love this book if you already know what a Sullastan or Trandoshan looks like, if not you might be a bit confused. Dedicated fans will relish the endless references however if you’re outside of the fandom scene you might find it all a bit glib.

A Trandoshan

A Trandoshan

While the Star Wars movies focus on the epic battles and hero’s, the novel provides an insight into the much less glossy life behind the scenes, in the much dirtier and darker imperial war machine and rebellion.  Star Wars Battlefront II Inferno Squad provides a dramatic insight into the daily activities of espionage and sabotage within the imperial and rebel world, the rebel passion and mindset, the imperials commitment to the Emperor, the rebels commitment to freedom at any cost, and the politics driving the war. The grittiness of the story follows very much in the mood of Rogue One.

Iden Veriso is a top-tier tie fighter pilot

Iden Veriso is a top-tier tie fighter pilot


For those that revel in and cherish the Star Wars universe, you’ll get a rush out of Battlefront II Inferno Squad and will want it in your geek collection.

Series: Star Wars
Audience: General
Number Of Pages: 360
Published: 14th August 2017
Publisher: Cornerstone



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