Pros and cons of dating a gamer

After living together for a bit over a year and a half here are the things I have learnt from dating a gamer.
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My partner and I have been together for just over 3 years. This may seem like the old fashioned way as it wasn’t through any online dating site or app but purely by chance and randomly, we met in a bar. You don’t have to worry this article isn’t about how to find love or anything like that. Its about learning the personal pros and cons of dating an online gamer. This is of course is one women’s opinion and doesn’t apply to everyone.

When we first started dating, I had no idea he was into online gaming and loved it as much as I know he does. I have never really been a gamer myself. The only game I have ever played is the Sims which I don’t think counts, right? Maybe because I wasn’t a gamer or know anyone who was into gaming, the signs probably escaped me. But once we moved in together and our living spaces became combined, it was very obvious that there was another love in his life and it was the playstation 4.

After living together for a bit over a year and a half here are the things I have learnt from dating a gamer:

Pro- while they are gaming, it gives you some ‘me’ time

I used to get upset when all I wanted to do was sit down and watch my shows with him and then he would turn to me and say ‘ all my friends are online, do you mind if I play?’. I know see it as a secret blessing because it means I can watch my favourite tv shows and movies ( which he generally hates)  while sitting on my computer online shopping and I don’t feel like a bad partner because I’m not paying attention to him.

Pro- you will have the best internet

This will depend on where you live and if this is even possible  after all australia is still pretty behind in regards to internet speed but thats for another time . When we moved in, my boyfriend said he was going to organise the internet. I wasn’t too fazed as all I do is used it for online shopping, facebook, instagram. But of course online games need to have a high speed internet so there is no lag time. And this now means I have the best internet to watch Netflix’s  and online shop at the same time.

Con- if the squad is in a competition then you will not exist

I know when my partner’s squad has organises a competition or even a special training night, I will not see him. This is when the ‘me’ time comes into play. And I know he will be gone for hours and hours. I once waited up for him to be finished only to fall asleep and re awake at 4am to find him still playing. In conclusion, when I know he has a special event , I don’t bother to wait up.

Con- there will need to be designated area for their gaming stuff

This is only a con if you live in a small one bedroom apartment but guaranteed there will be a designated area were the console, monitor and head phones and you will need to make room for it.

Pro- their squad is a group of friends

I used to think that my boyfriends playing was a sort of mediation. I had no idea the social group they had. My boyfriend has never been one to always notice my hair or beauty changes and thats fine but one night having come home from the hairdressers he told me that my hair looked great. I was shocked and happily surprised he noticed even if it was the slightest of changes. He then confessed that his squad had told him to say it because they know their partners like to hear that.

Pro and Con – they will generally know a bit about tech

There is a funny scene from the Big Bang Theory which shows Sheldon talking about the difference between Playstation and Xbox to Amy who has no interest or care in the situation. I have had very similar conversations with my boyfriend. Sometimes I’m in no mood but relationships are about compromise and because I love him I try my best to understand what tech lingo he has just used.

There have been countless Saturday mornings were I have woken up feeling like I was in downtown Bagdad with the sound of bombs and machine guns going off because first shooter games are his favourite. It probably did drive me crazy at the beginning but I love it because I won’t change anything about him. These just a few and in all honestly the pros definitely out way the cons because it should be able to make you both happier and make your relationship stronger.

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