Pop Up Drive In Movie Theatre

Eat Street Markets at Hamilton Wharf have announced a new experience amongst the shipping containers - a drive in movie theatre.
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Eat Street Markets at Hamilton Wharf have announced a new experience amongst the shipping containers – a drive in movie theatre. This is a limited offer as the space will be needed some time next year for the Market’s expansion. In the meantime, there is an opportunity for those who haven’t experienced movies in a car to give it a go. For those who were used to driving in during the 1970s, time to bring the grandkids along for a giggle.

Of course there will be differences from the 20th century experience. Gone are the speakers you hoisted from a pole and slung onto your opened window. Instead sound will come through the car’s FM radio giving most people surround sound. This will overcome the yesteryear annoyance of finding your speaker not working. This was usually because someone had driven off at the end of a movie without taking it off their car window first.

The food experience will also be different. Intermission used to see a rush to a small, central food concession with kids milling around in their pyjamas. At this riverside location, food will instead be served at the car by Segway on demand. This is possible as the surface is flat rather than curved rows of gently undulating swales as was usual for purpose built drive in theatres. For the more traditional, there will be a retro American style diner.

Cars did tend to be bigger last century, so there was more room for spreading out. However very few cars were air conditioned. So if you closed the windows to keep out insects, there was the danger of losing sight of the movie as the windows fogged up.

Movies are Friday and Saturday nights with parking from 5.30pm for a 7.30pm sharp movie start. You might like to fill in the time checking out the adjacent Markets as entry is included in the movie ticket. Another difference is that you pay in advance which means people will miss out on the ritual of sitting in a long queue waiting for the place to open so you could be sure of your favourite spot.

Also no car, no problem as seating is available in the open air, pet-friendly dress circle area directly in front of the screen. To find out the movies being offered starting Friday 6 November 2015 and how to book, check out: https://www.movies.eatstreetmarkets.com.au/


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