OzTrek 12

OzTrek12 helps celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary...
OzTrek 12

Star Trek’s 50th anniversary in 2016 of the screening of the original TV series coincides with the 12th round of Star Trek themed conventions held across Australia.

OzTrek are one day conventions for Star Trek fans which include guest talks as well as question and answer, photo and autograph sessions. First Contact Conventions are holding their OzTrek12 event at Mantra on Russell in Melbourne’s CBD on 30 January 2016, while Culture Shock Events are overseeing the Sydney version the day after at Rydges World Square on Pitt Street.

Guest invitees are from various Star Trek series. Gates McFadden played Dr Beverly Crusher in The Next Generation series, Robert Picardo was the Emergency Medical Hologram on Voyager and Connor Trinneer played engineer Commander Trip Tucker in the Star Trek :Enterprise series.

Although well loved in these roles, they have enjoyed diverse careers outside of Star Trek. Gates McFadden is also an accomplished stage actor, dancer and puppeteer and was choreographer for Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal and The Muppetts Take Manhattan.

Robert Picardo’s first major role was Eddie Quist in the 1981 The Howling. Subsequent roles have included the Cowboy in Innerspace, Coach Cutlip on The Wonder Years ; Ben Wheeler in Wagons East; and Richard Woolsey in the Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Universe sci-fi series. Some other of his movies and voiceovers include Explorers, Legend, Total Recall, Gremlins 2, China Beach and Justice League. He is currently starring as the holographic Dr Louis Zimmerman in Sky Conway’s independent TV series Star Trek: Renegades.

Other television series Connor Trinneer has appeared in include Stargate Atlantis, NCIS, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as well as TV movies including Star Runner. He is also expected to be seen soon alongside 40 Star Trek veterans drawn from all the TV series in the sci fi parody adventure titled Unbelievable!!!!!.

John Billingsley, who played Denobulan Dr Phlox in the Star Ship: Enterprise series has had to withdraw due to work commitments on two TV shows.

There were only 6 general and 10 VIP tickets left last time someone was counting. If interested you might like to check out:  https://www.facebook.com/First-Contact-Conventions-78129874002/


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Annabelle is a sci fi aficionada living in Brisbane, Australia whose favourite outdoor activity is taking a book outside to read.
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