Our Contributors

Rhys Tarling
23. Writer boy. Work-in-progress.

James Ward
3DS in one hand, Xbox controller in the other. His swept through so many games that he’s learnt to play them simultaneously. James is a writer and part-time Pokemon trainer who’s caught them all.

Serenity C
Aspiring writer with a passion for 1950’s fashion, good coffee and art in all its forms.

Annabelle is a sci fi aficionada living in Brisbane, Australia whose favourite outdoor activity is taking a book outside to read.

Up from the depths rose BasementKat…and all your souls are belong to… no wait, I mean, here have this cookie…BasementKat is a writer and gamer and is studying for her BA in Professional Writing and Publishing.

Digital Producer and writer at Nerdvana.TV. Specializes in human-cyborg relations. Enjoys anything Star Wars & loves her PS4.