Article Submissions

Nerdvana.TV is looking for new volunteer article & content contributors, on our geek & nerdy based web site which aims at providing great, high quality, geek news and topical opinion articles & reviews.

We are reaching out to talented writers, journo’s, bloggers and creative content creators who are looking for an opportunity to shine on a fun, growing web & mobile platform. Those who have experience or would like to gain experience in writing reviews and opinions and editing on geek subculture movies, games, TV, streaming, pop culture, science & tech, new and events, or those that just have something to contribute about these topics, please send in your application!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a paid position for now. Your writing and your profile if you wish will be promoted across all our social media and you will have a large amount of creative freedom in your writing. The role is flexible, and you can write based on your availability. This is an online position with no fixed location (create from home or your favorite cafe!)

Please send all applications, ideally with at least one 300 word example of your writing – to the email specified ( It must be related to the type of content on the website and an original article (all articles are checked for plagarism). You should first have a good look through the website to become familiar with the type of content.

Please include a preferred writing name with your application. This will the name your articles are published under. This is how we will promote you on social media.

Articles can include a link to your website or product but the article must be nerd/geek related.

Publishing is at the discretion of Please see full list of terms & conditions for further information.

Interested? You rock! Please contact us!